Photos from Branch Michigan, winter 2000



Six Foot Igloo




New Years Eve 2000


photography by C.Mittleman
and N. Hodges 1999-2000

During Xmas New Year 2000, I visited two artists in Branch, Michigan who live in a remote thicket almost off the grid, inside a rustic and cosy cabin made from found and recycled materials by one of the artists.

The 'Michigan Series,' a body of drawings made from potatoe prints, chalk and oil pastels, was created during this two week residency.

I spent every day with the practice of making images from morning until night with lots of breaks for incredible food, drink and walks through the snow.

We made a six foot igloo where we celebrated our transition into the new Millenium.

Sunset Thru Waxed Kitchen Window

New Years Day by the Woodshed

Nadine and Barbed Wire

Candle Drippings
Inside the Igloo, New Years Day

bare branch forest

Catherine Eating Venison Stew
with Matza-balls

My time in Michigan was one of the most inspired and prolific creative experiences I have had. I was reminded how beautiful and protective the winter can be, especially in a remote environment. How freeing and fun it can be to intimately share the process of art-making. This period christened my return to using real-pigments.



©photos by C.Mitleman & N. Hodges
shot with Sony Mavica (thanks CEC)


Venison Matza-ball Stew and Pastels

Carved Inky Potatoes