Brief Biography

Catherine Sharon Mittleman, AKA Inkyslay is a Montreal Canadian Artist living in Oakland and San Francisco since 1987. She has shown her work in local galleries throughout the Bay Area. Her work is highly imaginative as she draws her inspiration from the Dreamers Now Society, and the Crying Angels of Tomorrow. Her gift is in bringing the essence of a feeling or multiple conflicting feelings into any given image or idea.

Her work has been called playful, nightmarish, ethereal and poetic. Some people believe Ms. Mittleman is really an eight year old with computer crayons.

Catherine leads dance classes in San Francisco Bay Area. Visit Slinky Productions.

She holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and has studied Contemporary and Mystical Geekology for over 15 years.

Dawson New School (College) Humanities & Arts
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